In the past, grandparents used honey to apply tongue to babies. Grandparents both think that honey is good and harmless to babies, but he still does not know that honey is very hot, easily causing constipation and digestive disorders. Best for children under 1 year old should not give honey.

Therefore, mothers should consider and pay attention when grandparents take care of their children while they are still at home and do not take care of them directly.

Does honey have any use?Is Honey Safe for 1 Year Olds

Here are the uses of honey that mothers need to know!

Honey is a natural beverage known to be extremely nutritious that bees bring to humans.

Honey heals very well the wound should be used in combination with turmeric for patients with stomach pain.

It has many great uses such as beauty skin, rich in vitamins, rich in calcium, many amino acids, has high antibacterial, .. and treat constipation and treat constipation and digestive disorders very well.

Because of its high antibacterial properties, honey can treat coughs and colds very well. In all traditional medicine or Western medicine for colds or stomachs are mixed with a little honey to better treat and increase the pharmacology of medicines. Typically, honey capsules are used to treat premature gray hair, anemia, and honey turmeric starches for stomach pain, .. and cough medicines for children over 1-year-old and adults who have honey. bees and leaves to treat persistent coughs or expectorants, etc.

Want to lose weight mothers can also use honey, honey makes the body healthy, reduce appetite, and longer hungry. Every day, drinking 1 glass of honey daily will be full of energy and quality but make us feel full so we will eat less. Suitable for mothers who want to lose weight.

Waxing because honey can soften hair.

Children with insect bites can apply honey to the bite because honey reduces swelling, good antiseptic.

When children are constipated, mothers can also use honey to apply to the anus so that they can go outside.

However, honey is not allowed orally for infants under 1 year of age.

How harmful is honey to infants under 1 year of age

Many mothers hear each other’s ears or grandparents just clean their tongue with honey very clean, absolutely do not use the honey tongue for children under 1 year of age. 

Honey is toxic to babies and the toxin of honey bacteria is harmful to babies, if they drink too much, it can affect the nervous system and can lead to death.

When the baby has diarrhea, the mother let her drink honey because she thinks the honey effect is to treat digestive disorders, is not it, honey to treat digestive disorders is for children over 1 year old and adults.

Newborns have an incomplete digestive system, so if mothers give babies honey under 1 year of age, honey will cause constipation.

Not to mention when children drink raw honey or honey of unknown origin, honey fed sugar.Is Honey Safe for 1 Year Olds

Honey can be used for any age?

Adults are the easiest to use honey. Children over 1 year of age can use it, but only when needed and using a small amount.

Children or adults who do not sleep well can drink a little diluted honey before going to bed about 15 to 20 minutes will help sleep better because honey has a sedative effect, helps to improve sleep.

Honey is a nutritious drink by nature but harms babies under 12 months old. So after reading the article, mothers can consider and pay more attention when giving children honey.

Is it good to give honey regularly?

As the mothers also know that honey has many good uses for the baby’s health. However, the mother must understand all of these uses for the baby. If not know how to use the baby. Mothers use the wrong way for the baby will lead to the bad condition, harmful to the health of the baby. 

Time for children to use honey is important? 

The appropriate time for babies to drink bile: Mothers should feed babies before eating rice from 2-3 hours. Taking bile at this time will not interfere with your baby’s meal. Beneficial for the baby’s digestive system. Help your baby have a stable digestive system.

Using bile helps to strengthen the body’s resistance and immunity. Let your baby use honey in the morning and evening to help children have better resistance. Mixing 2 tablespoons of honey for babies can also help your baby sleep better and deeper. 

Thanks to the addition of honey, your baby has better resistance and immune system. So the baby’s body will be healthier. 

The mother should buy pure honey, quality, reputation. Using honey for children over 3 years old is very good for babies. But mom still has to make sure that she uses it right for her baby. Hopefully, mom will learn and use honey properly for your baby so that it does not lead to bad cases. Using honey with the right dose and sharing the additional time will be very beneficial to your baby’s health.